We live and breathe marketing because it’s such an intriguing industry. Marketing is essential to all sectors, within businesses big and small. As such, marketers all over the world have their own specialities, making each one of us unique in what we bring to the table. Amongst this diversity, all strong marketers share a set of key qualities that makes them effective in their roles and allows them to progress up the career ladder. To help you make sure you’re constantly honing these skills, we’ve pulled together a list of the most essential qualities you need to master in order to level up your marketing career. 

Being organised - Whether you’re in-house or agency side, as a marketer you will always be busy. With loads of different projects on the go at once, if you don't manage your time carefully, you risk dropping the ball (it’s happened to the best of us). There are many ways to track your time and activity, so that you’re a force of nature when it comes to prioritising and planning. The key is to find one that works for you and to be consistent in using it. 

Listening carefully - This is a really simple one, but arguably one of the most important qualities all great marketers possess. Listen to everything and be an information sponge. Pay attention to all the advice you're given, because you might not hear it again. Also listen to how senior marketers talk to your team and with your clients or customers – they’ve been in the business a long time and you can learn a lot from them. Always remember, everyone in your team has something to teach you, you just have to listen out for it.

Having empathy - Marketing is all about how your product or service offers value to the customer. Empathy is a quality that allows you to understand their point of view and what makes them tick. If you are able to easily put yourself in your customers shoes, you’ll be better placed to market to them in a way that is engaging and relevant.

Being agile - There are many words for this one; agile, flexible, adaptable. Marketing is fast paced and constantly evolving. Being agile is vital in being able to keep up with the projects you’re working on, as well as new marketing trends and methods. Agility is also key for marketers who want to explore different sectors throughout their career.

Having positive energy - Marketing activity must be data driven, but excellent marketers also know to trust their gut. There are no guarantees in marketing, so you have to be optimistic, especially when trialing new activities. It’s very easy to point out all the things that can go wrong, but trust the creative instinct of you and your team, as strokes of genius often begin as optimistic risks.

Challenge motivated – If there’s one thing that is for certain in marketing, it’s that it’s never easy. Every brand, campaign and project comes with its own unique set of problems to solve, which is why brilliant marketers are motivated by challenges. Even the most experienced marketers will always encounter a challenge they’ve never met before, so it’s a quality essential to every stage of your career.

Reliability – Marketing is a team sport. Your team members must be able to count on you, and vice versa, in order to deliver impactful marketing solutions. Make yourself known as a reliable member of the team by being open, honest and productive.

Life-long learner – As an industry fuelled by innovations and new technologies, marketers need to be able to keep up with the times. That means dedicating time to furthering your knowledge. Marketers are naturally curious, and there are thousands of resources continued learning; just make sure you regularly find the time to explore them.

Proactivity – Being a proactive marketer will make you invaluable to your team. Foreseeing problems and acting on solutions before being asked to will help ensure you projects go smoothly. Being proactive also demonstrates that you can go above and beyond your role requirements, showing you’re ready to take the next step in your career.

And one last bit of advice, don't let anyone tell you that you have to be born with these qualities to become a marketing wizard; you can learn and develop all of them - we have total faith in you, and we’re always here to help with our online marketing strategy course.

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