We’ve been building winning marketing strategies for over 20 years and we have a track record of delivering phenomenal results.

After working in marketing for over 10 years, Lisa set up Unwritten Group, an award-winning marketing and communications agency based in North East England.

Unwritten’s mission was to establish itself as a leading strategic marketing agency whose purpose was to deliver meaningful results to its clients. Over the last 6 years Unwritten has developed an innovative outsourced solution and has built a team of experts who specialise in helping businesses achieve their growth plans. 

To this day, our team continues to deliver phenomenal results for clients using the exact strategic approach we teach on our programme. Check out Maddy’s story to see how our programme helped to drive her career forward.

The outcomes we achieve through this methodology are incredible, not only for clients but also for our team who have been able to upskill at a rapid rate. Fabric was born to help the most ambitious marketers to thrive, to share our knowledge and to give you the tools to accelerate in your career. 



Programme Lead

Lisa is the founder of award-winning marketing and communications agency, Unwritten. She’s the brains behind the approach we teach on our programme and the visionary that brings the big ideas. Check out her story to get to know her a little better. 

Maddy Houghton

Head of Delivery

Maddy was one of the first to complete the programme in 2017 and has delivered some incredible results for businesses over the years. At Fabric, Maddy takes Lisa’s wild ideas and turns them into a reality. Listen to her story here.

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