Our brains love to learn. In fact, they thrive when we develop new skills and push boundaries. Whether you’re looking to move up the career ladder or dreaming of securing your first role, demonstrating your commitment to learning can open so many doors.

Here at Fabric, we believe there are 5 main reasons why continued learning is crucial to your development, and why you should make it a priority to ensure you smash your next career goal.

Show your ability to self-improve

Whether you are looking to evidence your case for a promotion or showcase your skills in an interview, professional development shows that you are willing to learn, grow and adapt.

Plus, if you’re looking to land a new role, the hard work doesn’t stop as soon as your foot is in the door. Employers will be keen to hear how you plan to develop your skills to have a positive impact on the growth of the business in months or years to come.

Keep your skills current

In today’s society, a degree is simply not enough to see you through your working life. With industries constantly changing, particularly moving to an ever-digital world, so are job requirements. It’s now more critical than ever to keep hitting that refresh button on your knowledge to ensure you don’t get left behind.

Seek new challenges in your industry and stay up to date by taking in the latest news articles, webinars and podcasts and look at structured courses and programmes to gain new skills.

Make sure your drive and resourcefulness is visible in your role reviews, on your CV and during interviews as employers are always seeking forward-thinkers to join their teams.

Build your connections

Immersing yourself in continued learning means you’re sure to find likeminded people in your industry. Use this opportunity as a springboard to start conversations and grow your network. You never know where a new connection could take you, be it a new partnership for your organisation or a career prospect to take you on a new path.

Networking with ambitious professionals, who share your passion for the industry, opens doors for mentorship opportunities to not only help you progress further, but also to give back and support those more junior than you in their career.

Boost your confidence

Improving your knowledge in a specific area or even learning something completely new will boost your confidence, empowering you to bring new insights to projects and difficult situations. Furthermore, honing your skills gives you the basis to build your case for promotion and the confidence to negotiate a pay rise when going for your next role.

Discover a new way of thinking

 Learning can open your perspective to think differently and find innovative solutions to problems. By building on what you already know, and through learning new skills, you’ll gain a more rounded view of situations that you may have lacked previously.

With a forever changing business landscape, standing out from the crowd is crucial in demonstrating your worth. Taking a step back to develop your skills will help you outperform the competition to land that dream role or secure that well-deserved promotion.

If you’re looking to grow your knowledge in marketing through applied learning rather than academic theory, then look no further than our unique online programme that is CPD certified to transform the way you work every day. Or try one of our free mini-courses on personas or brand values to whet your appetite and grow your strategic skills.

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