Level up on personas: Free mini course to transform your marketing

Want to know how I build marketing strategies for my clients that deliver results every single time? It’s no secret, it’s simply down to following the tried and tested approach I built years ago, and personas sit right at the heart of that process. In this free course, I'm going to cover EVERYTHING you’ll ever need and more to build personas that will transform your marketing efforts and make you a marketing hero.

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What you'll get

In the initial 30 minute training session, I’ll share a simple 3 step process for crafting effective personas that drive growth, deliver impact and get results. Then, over the next 7 days, we're going to send you every tool and template you need to make your personas as effective as possible.

You’ll get:

  • All the templates you need to craft your own personas 

  • A cheat sheet so you can get buy in from your internal team 

  • A guide to using market research to develop your personas 

  • A complete persona workshop toolkit 

  • A guide to validating your personas through consumer research 

  • Example buyer personas to guide you when creating your own 

  • A checklist on how to get the most out of your personas once they’re fully developed  

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