Lisa Eaton

Founder and Programme Lead

A commercially focussed business leader, with a robust understanding of both the public and private sector, Lisa Eaton is founder and managing director of Unwritten Group, which provides a plug-in strategic marketing service to help businesses grow, and Fabric Academy.

Meet Lisa

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Twenty years of experience delivering marketing and communications strategies 

In her early career Lisa worked at a series of creative agencies in the North East of England. Lisa has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has founded three companies throughout her career. In 2002 Lisa founded SalSeduce, a salsa dance company and over ten years built the brand into a recognised leader in the North East dance community.

With her extensive marketing experience, Lisa co-founded Unwritten Group in 2014. The award-winning integrated agency delivers marketing and communications strategies to wide range of organisations and prominent UK brands. 

In 2020, Lisa launched Fabric to support learners with marketing strategy courses and corporate marketing training, enabling them to build a own strategy from the ground up, using the methodology established at Unwritten.

Lisa's Goals

Fabric was launched to provide marketing strategy courses and corporate marketing training that empowers individuals and businesses to create winning strategies, giving them the confidence to thrive.

Lisa's goals are to empower graduates to secure their first role in industry, support marketers to evidence their value to gain promotions and demonstrate the impact strategic marketing has on organisations. 

Empower graduates 

Support marketers 

Champion strategic marketing 

Disrupting the market

Lisa wanted to disrupt the traditional academic learning model that was steeped in theory and lacked the practical skills and knowledge that marketers needed to deliver strategic campaigns now and to thrive and be successful in industry. Fabric was also a way to level the playing field for those unable to commit hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds to professional development.

Lisa's aim is to change the reputation of marketing as an undervalued professional discipline and help it take its rightful place at the boardroom table.

Her mission is four-fold:

  • To professionalise the marketing industry by defining and promoting consistent quality standards
  • For marketing to be recognised and valued by employers as a professional discipline that is critical to business success, and for young people to see it as an exciting career opportunity with clear progression to board level.
  • To increase access to hands-on, practical marketing training and to level the playing field for those unable to commit hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds in university and/or academic study.
  • To increase the number of graduates securing their first role in industry within three months of completing their education by bridging the gap between academic learning and industry requirements.

Lisa is currently taking the framework and standards developed in the North East through Unwritten Group and Fabric to a global audience and is sharing learnings, best practices and processes internationally.

Lisa is also involved in three organisations that are driving forward marketing best practice and business support in the region. With This is Marketing, Lisa is working to ensure strategic marketing is recognised and valued for the professional discipline it is. As a trustee of The Key and Board member of SmartWorks, she is helping young people and women grow their confidence in work, business and life.

Lisa is married and a Mum to two little boys, Zach and Jacob.