Lisa Eaton is the founder of marketing and communications agency, Unwritten. She’s the brains behind the Fabric Academy approach and the visionary that brings the big ideas

Tell us about Fabric

Fabric is a training academy set to revolutionise the learning and development space in marketing, built for ambitious marketers who are able to access years of experience to help them progress in their career and make real impact in their organisation.

It’s a remote, 12 week programme that teaches marketers of all levels how to build an effective strategy from the ground up, and is packed full of templates, tools and guides to support this. Unlike conventional training courses, you build your own strategy throughout the programme, which the Fabric team assess and feedback on, so that your organisation benefits from a real life marketing strategy that our learners are then equipped to deliver.

It’s 20 years of industry experience packed into 12 weeks and is perfect for anyone who’s currently working in marketing, keen to make a big impact and progress in their career.

What is the most rewarding aspect of running an independent business in the region?

I think seeing an idea you’ve had really come to life and become a successful business is immensely satisfying. And having the freedom to be able to take your business in whatever direction you desire is a bonus too. Both are really rewarding aspects of running a business. However, it’s the people that really make it – so I would say having the opportunity to employ really great people, building a fantastic team and helping colleagues progress in their careers has to be the greatest reward.

And the most challenging?

The driver behind Fabric was my struggle in finding really, really good people who are outstanding in their craft. I just felt that people weren’t being given the opportunity to develop high-level strategic skills. But I’m exceptionally lucky to have found the team we currently have. Other challenges, particularly in today’s uncertain world, are dealing with curve balls, and, as a business leader, I do find it difficult being able to switch off and just enjoy the here and now.

What are the short and long-term plans for the business?

Our short term plans are to build a reputation as the training provider that makes the biggest impact in the marketing L&D space and to see hundreds of ambitious marketers through our programme and help them succeed.

Longer term plans are to build the academy to deliver a series of different specialisms, bridging the gap between academia and industry, and reaching a global audience.

Who has been your biggest influence in business?

Early on, it has to be my Mum – she taught me to never be afraid of taking risks if it’s for something you believe in, and she was a great role model for demonstrating the importance of working hard and having the determination to succeed.

My regional network have been, and still are, a huge influence. Those who have built amazing businesses and have continued to thrive – there are too many amazing people to mention!

I must also acknowledge my mentors and our Board, who have been a huge influence, particularly Toby Bridges and Michael McGee. And I was always fascinated with Richard Branson and his journey when I was a child!

And, what advice would you give to anyone with an idea?

Never be afraid to take a chance on an idea you’re passionate about. Trust yourself, your instincts and your gut feeling and build a circle of amazing people around you to support and challenge you along the way.