Fabric Academy has launched promising to revolutionise marketing study with a brand new strategy framework for the industry. With it's sole purpose to reinvent the marketing education landscape, to transform marketers of the future.

Learners will be able to develop or enhance their high level strategic skills, while producing a robust piece of marketing planning for their organisation.

Built upon 20 years of industry knowledge and award-winning practice, the course has been designed for marketers at all stages of their career, providing a hands-on, real world approach and ensuring that all participants walk away with a powerful and robust marketing strategy.

The concept was the brainchild of marketing and comms agency Unwritten Group in response to a gap in the market and a lack of high level strategic skills in the industry. 

Fabric Academy and Unwritten Group Founder, Lisa Eaton, said: “Strategy development is a key skill that all marketers should possess. However, it seemed to me that, within the industry landscape, marketers just weren’t getting the opportunity to develop in this area.

“There are some really excellent marketing courses out there, however, most are academic or, where practice-based, need to be carried out on top of the day job. We knew that in combining practice-based models with the opportunity to carry out one of the most important aspects of a marketer’s job, i.e. producing a strategy, we would save learners’ time while enhancing their skill set, save employers’ money and see the creation of impactful strategies that could deliver real results for businesses.”

The course takes place over twelve weeks covering three modules, namely: Data and Insight, Communicating Your Strategy and Delivery and Measurement. The course has been designed to enable participants to work flexibly, with three on-demand lessons and a week for assessment and feedback per module. All participants will walk away with a live strategy for their business (or mock organisation) that has benefitted from input and constructive feedback from the Fabric team.

Lisa added: “We know that time is precious, especially in today’s climate, and that many employers are met with a conundrum when it comes to staff skills development and getting the work done. That’s why we’ve combined the two – meaning that everyone benefits from the time and money invested in the course.”

If you’re looking to grow your knowledge in marketing through applied learning rather than academic theory, then look no further than Fabric's Master Strategy Programme where you receive a CPD certification upon completion to transform the way you work every day. Or try one of our free mini-courses on personas or brand values to whet your appetite and grow your strategic skills.

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