Are you looking to accelerate your career and become one of the best marketers there is in just 12 weeks or maybe you’re looking to upskill your marketing team with the best marketing training on the market in 2023?

Well, look no further than Fabric Academy’s Master Strategy Programme. 

Kick 2023 off right by becoming the marketer you’ve always wanted to be and join our January cohort already full of ambitious marketers and marketing teams from across the globe.

Here are 5 reasons to join our programme launching January 30th, 2023:

1.   Learn the Fabric Framework taking over the marketing industry right now

The Fabric Framework has been developed by practising marketer Lisa Eaton, following 20 years in the marketing industry and extensive experience building marketing strategies for global brands. The framework consists of 3 pillars, making up the fundamental principles of a marketing strategy, proven to deliver impactful work and business results. The tried and tested strategic framework is now being used by marketers and marketing teams worldwide, and you could be one of them!

2. A live strategy built ready to be implemented into your business straight away

Over 12 weeks, you and your team will build a live marketing strategy for your organisation, learning at any time from anywhere, through our online and on-demand programme. Each module runs over 4 weeks and includes a week for assessment and personalised feedback after each completed module. At the end of the programme, you will have built a high-level marketing strategy, complete with a series of detailed execution plans, ready to be implemented into business.

3. Bespoke group learning experience 

If you’re looking to join the programme as part of a team and want an entire marketing department to learn the Fabric Framework, we offer bespoke group training options. Your team can develop their skill set through a shared learning experience, including group coaching sessions, tailored curriculum to best suit each individual's role and experience. By learning a common approach your team can drive growth, maximise budgets and harness the power of purpose within your organisation.

4. Access 1-2-1 coaching and support

Our expert support is tailored to your role, experience and objectives to help you develop new skills, build confidence and take the next step in your marketing career. You’ll have the opportunity to schedule 1-2-1 sessions with the team so we can support your specific needs at any point of the process, meaning your strategy has been developed with the support of experienced and practising marketing strategist. 

5. Join our Fabric alumni upon completion 

Gain access to Fabric's alumni and become part of an amazing group of marketers. As part of our alumni, you will receive ongoing support from the Fabric team, learn from a community of strategists and gain access to marketing materials created exclusively for our alumni.

Are you ready to become the marketer you have always wanted to be? 🚀

Head to our website to find out more or chat with the team on a 1-2-1 basis at a time that's right for you here